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Marine Parks

About Marine Parks
 The Port of Tokyo is promoting the restoration and areservation of the natural environment and is moving forward with the development of parks throughout the entire port area where the local residents can become familiar with the harbor scenery, waterways and lush greenery.
 There are 38 parks (as of April 2013) that are already providing opportunities to engage in sports, fishing, bird watching and other recreational activities.

Marine Park Port Park Greenway

Oi Central Seaside Park

Sports Forest

Nagisa Forest

Container Terminal Park Keihin Canal-side Greenway
Tokyo Port Wild Bird Park Minato-ga-oka-Port Park Oi Greenway
Odaiba Marine Park Tokai Port Park Tokai Greenway
Tatsumi Seaside Park Jonanjima Port Park Jonanjima Greenway

Wakasu Seaside Park

Wakasu Golf Links

Keihinjima Port Park Keihinjima Greenway
Jonanjima Seaside Park Keihinjima Tsubasa Park Higashi Yashio Greenway
Kasai Marine Park Shibaura Minami Port Park Symbol Prome-nade Park
Aomi Kita Port Park Aomi Greenway
Aomi Minami Port Park Tatsumi Greenway
Mizu-no-Hiroba Port Park Yumenoshima Greenway
Aomi Central Port Park Shin-kiba Greenway
Akatsuki Terminal Park
Ferry Terminal Park
Shinkiba Park
Harumi Port Park
Harumibashi Park
Shinagawa Kita Port Park
Ariake Nishi Port Park


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