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A town that can meet the diverse needs of life's different stages

Workers, residents, scholars and students,
people engaged in leisure activities

The Waterfront City is studded with many buildings, such as modern office buildings, elaborate commercial facilities, high-rise condominiums and schools. 55,000 people are operating in office buildings and commercial facilities, and 14,000 people live in housing adjacent to the waterside and green spaces.

About 55.4 million people visit the Waterfront City annually. The number is increasing year by year. The Waterfront City is steadily growing as an attractive town that has a tremendous ability to gather people.

The Waterfront City is inhabited and visited by people of diverse purposes: working people, residents, scholars and people who seek leisure pursuits. Because it is a town with diverse "faces," it gives rise to new business opportunities.
Daiba district Aomi district Ariake Kita district Ariake Minami district

Daiba district Aomi district Arieke Minami district Ariake Kita district

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