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One of the largest projects in the world

A business town that taps the potential of the Tokyo Waterfront City to the utmost

Waterfront City, located at the center of the Tokyo Bay waterfront, is being developed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government under one of the world's largest projects. It is near to Haneda airport and linked by an expressway with Narita airport. It is a junction point of international and widely-spanning trafficways

The Yurikamome and Rinkai Lines, two rail lines that pass through the Waterfront City, and trunk roads have been expanded, making access from downtown Tokyo even more convenient, and backing up active business operations in the Waterfront City.

The City is equipped with leading-edge urban infrastructure and is highly resistant to disasters.
Watersides and greenery tap the lure of the waterfront to the utmost, creating an urban landscape that has comfort and serenity. A town of multiple amenities combining occupational, residential, academic and leisure functions is being developed here.
We aim to develop a business center with 90,000 residents and
47,000 workers in order to support exchanges of humans, goods and information over a wide area.

Waterfront City will be a place relaying information about the economy, culture, and science and technology to Asia and the world as well as a venue for information exchange. It will perform an important role in the Tokyo Metropolis of the 21st century.
●Areafor the development of the Waterfront City : 442ha

■Daiba district
A seaside commercial and business complex zone
A residential zone that utilizes the waterside landscape and commands a fine prospect

■Ariake Kita district
A residential zone of the urban type

■Aomi district
An industrial zone of a new international urban type, based on information and telecommunication infrastructure
A new complex residential zone

■Ariake Minami district
A convention zone
A disaster prevention base

For inquiries about our business,
please contact us through the following:

Water Front Development Division Port and Harbor Bureau, Tokyo Metropolitan Government



address:Bureau of Port and Harbor,Tokyo Metropolitan Government 8-1 Nishishinjuku 2-chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 163-8001, Japan (ALL inquiries should be written in English or Japanese.)